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Referees and officials

Referees and officials

Referees have an important role to play in both blind and partially football. From checking eye patches and eye shades to ensuring the game runs smoothly and everyone plays to the rules, they are crucial to the success of the sport.

Referees are regularly assessed to ensure they know the current rules of the game and how to apply them in different circumstances.

Referees and officials



Training and development

Training and developing referees is an important part of making sure that blind and partially sighted football continues to grow in size and popularity.

IBSA Football has a Referee Coordinator who advises the IBSA Football Committee on refereeing and referee related issues. This includes such items as selecting referees for major championships, the referees programme, answering rule-related enquiries, evaluation of referee clinics and assisting the growth of the referee programme in developing areas.

IBSA is keen to expand the pool of qualified blind football referees worldwide. To this end, training courses and clinics are held regularly to introduce new referees to the exciting sport of blind football. Referee education is a major part of the Refereeing Coordinator’s role.

Training and development

Referees’ Advisory Group

The Referees Advisory Group collect feedback from the wider referee community for the IBSA Football Committee.

For more information on refereeing and officiating blind football contact Mariano Travaglino at [email protected]