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World rankings


Follow the progress of your national men’s and women’s blind or partially sighted football team in the official world rankings.

IBSA Football world rankings are calculated using a points system which can be viewed below:

World ranking

Ranking as of 1st January 2022

Ranking Country
1st Argentina
2nd Spain
3rd Brazil
4th Japan
5th China
6th Thailand
7th Morocco
8th France
9th Turkey
10th England
11th Russia
12th Colombia
13th Mexico
14th Iran
15th Mali
16th Costa Rica
17th Peru
18th South Korea
19th Romania
20th Greece
21st Italy
22nd Ivory Coast
23rd= Cape Verde
23rd= Nigeria
25th= Chile
25th= India
25th= Cameroon
28th= Malaysia
28th= Egypt
30th= Germany
30th= Niger
32nd= Oman
32nd= Libya
32nd= Belgium
35th Poland
36th Belarus
37th= Ireland
37th= Guatemala
39th= Georgia
39th= El Salvador
39th= Hungary
42nd= Nicaragua
42nd= Albania
44th Austria
45th Switzerland
46th Vietnam